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8 module interview course designed and delivered by a doctor (specialist registrar, London) who has sat on medical school interview panels. From "why medicine?" to medical ethics to NHS key topics

Pencil and notepad

The projectmedschool doctor will study your statement line by line with a professional in strategy consultancy at a top London firm. Steering, advice and edits will be returned within 7 days.

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A 60 minute 1 to 1 interview with the projectmedschool doctor, with the option of a panel of 2 (doctor and strategy consultant). Tailored to your medical school (panel vs. MMI) with verbal and written feedback.

Illustrated Medical Heart

About Project Med School

Level-up your medical school application with a doctor and strategy consultancy professional in London

Meet your doctor...

UK trained

Specialist Registar in London

Sat on medical school interview panels

Presentation prizes at national surgical conferences

Clinical teaching prize awarded by Cambridge University

Runs national teaching programmes for medical students and junior doctors

Numerous first author publications in prestigious international medical journals

Research fellow in oncology/cancer at a top London university

Mentors Masters (MSc) students in Cancer

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Designed and delivered by a doctor and professional strategy consultant

Module 0 - Course Introduction and the Interview Day

Module 1 - Why Medicine? And General Interview Questions

Module 2 - Qualities of a Good Doctor

Module 3 - Situational Questions and the STARR Method

Module 4 - Medical Ethics

Module 5 - NHS Key Topics

Part 1: NHS Structure and Policy  -  Part 2: Scandals and Controversy

Module 6 - The COVID-19 Pandemic

Module 7 - Communication Skills

Module 8 - Quickfire Questions

9+ hours

8 modules

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