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9+ hours tuition 

8 modules

Comprehensive course designed and delivered by a doctor and professional strategy consultant to optimise your interview performance



Module 0 - Course Introduction and the Interview Day

Module 1 - Why Medicine? And General Interview Questions

Module 2 - Qualities of a Good Doctor

Module 3 - Situational Questions and the STARR Method

Module 4 - Medical Ethics

Module 5 - NHS Key Topics

(Part 1: NHS Structure and Policy  -  Part 2: Scandals and Controversy)

Module 6 - The COVID-19 Pandemic

Module 7 - Communication Skills

Module 8 - Quickfire Questions

Module 0

Course introduction and the interview day

Ease in to the Project Med School Interview Course with a simple introduction by learning about interview formats and structures, and exploring the differences between traditional panel interviews and MMI (multiple mini interviews). Gain an appreciation of what to expect on the interview day itself and the common distractions and pitfalls candidates face.

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