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Personal Statement Service

£49 for a comprehensive review by a UK-trained doctor (specialist registrar, London) and a professional strategy consultant in a top London firm

£19 for further reviews for refinement and fine tuning 

Grammar and Syntax

Stylistic advice to make your statement shine. Your statement needs to be personal but polished. Succinct, sharp and focussed statements stand out. Producing such pieces is a daily necessity for the professional strategy consultant, who will use their knowledge to refine your statement with the input of the doctor, who has numerous 1st author publications in prestigious medical journals.

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Defining You

Perhaps the toughest part of a personal statement is making it personal. If you're struggling to put pen to paper, we'll help you get the words out.  High level statements combine the anecdotal reasons for an individual wanting to study medicine with the crucial evidence underpinning them. The anecdotes make you you. The evidence puts you in a pair of bright blue scrubs.

Work Experience

If you're just listing your work experience, you won't score highly regardless of how impressive your clinical placements appear on paper. The best statements demonstrate thoughtful reflection, which needs to be teased out through effective use of narrative language. The doctor and professional strategy consultant will help you weave in your work experience to effectively convince the panel that it has has strengthened your resolve to become a doctor, but also that you have realistic expectations of the life and career.

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A Reader and a Scholar

One thing I can guarantee you will be doing throughout your time as a medical student and your career as a doctor is reading. But what about before you've even embarked on this journey? Itself a time-consuming activity, further reading is only as effective its deployment in your personal statement (and interview). We will study your statement to see if your reflections on reading different works come across as genuine and, crucially, if they enhance your appearance as a judicious and scholarly candidate.

Everything Else

There is far more to you than you can put down within 4000 characters. What else do you do? Are you a sportsman, a musician, an actress, a photographer, a leader, a carer, an anything? How do you see the world as a result? The professional strategy consultant and doctor will guide you through the most economical methods to relay everything impressive about you to the panel, and help you link your personal strengths to the qualities of a good doctor.

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Signing Off

If the most important single line of your personal statement is the first line, then the second most important must be the last. Having sat on interview panels and studied a great number of personal statements, the doctor is well-suited to judging your closing remarks. The professional strategy consultant, who uses language daily as a weapon of influence, will help you craft the candid, concise and confident ending that your efforts deserve.

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Initial Review


Comprehensive review and strategic direction

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Further Reviews


Refinement and attention to detail

You must have purchased the Initial Review to be eligible for Further Reviews

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